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Josephine, who is also known as Jo (and I mean the Joe without the 'e'), has a flair for being random and cracking lame jokes. Loves books, dance, laughter, rainy days and a good cup of tea. Never, I mean never ever, address her by surname alone. 'nuff said :)
Ask away! :D


The flowershop au seemed like a fun idea and I haven’t drawn for this fandom in awhile :’D I guess they hang out on that bench after work. yeaaa…


“We read to know we’re not alone.” ― William Nicholson, Shadowlands


"Dick Jokes" is an appropriate title, I think.

*Casually lingers in the past to avoid the realities of the Ew 52*


My mental health nurse just sent me these and i thought they were worth sharing

(Source: f-unction.co.cc)


Simple, quality, accurate.
Visited Fin’s brother and this was hung in his place in Minnesota. I was fond of him, his home, and his taste. Grateful.


Sinatra Suite [source]

Kudo/Baryshnikov is the best thing that has happened to ABT.

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